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 * regc_locale.c --
 *    This file contains the Unicode locale specific regexp routines.
 *    This file is #included by regcomp.c.
 * Copyright (c) 1998 by Scriptics Corporation.
 * See the file "license.terms" for information on usage and redistribution of
 * this file, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES.
 * RCS: @(#) $Id: regc_locale.c,v 1.20 2007/12/13 15:23:14 dgp Exp $
/* ASCII character-name table */

static const struct cname {
    const char *name;
    const char code;
} cnames[] = {
    {"NUL",       '\0'},
    {"SOH",       '\001'},
    {"STX",       '\002'},
    {"ETX",       '\003'},
    {"EOT",       '\004'},
    {"ENQ",       '\005'},
    {"ACK",       '\006'},
    {"BEL",       '\007'},
    {"alert",           '\007'},
    {"BS",        '\010'},
    {"backspace", '\b'},
    {"HT",        '\011'},
    {"tab",       '\t'},
    {"LF",        '\012'},
    {"newline",         '\n'},
    {"VT",        '\013'},
    {"vertical-tab",    '\v'},
    {"FF",        '\014'},
    {"form-feed", '\f'},
    {"CR",        '\015'},
    {"carriage-return", '\r'},
    {"SO",        '\016'},
    {"SI",        '\017'},
    {"DLE",       '\020'},
    {"DC1",       '\021'},
    {"DC2",       '\022'},
    {"DC3",       '\023'},
    {"DC4",       '\024'},
    {"NAK",       '\025'},
    {"SYN",       '\026'},
    {"ETB",       '\027'},
    {"CAN",       '\030'},
    {"EM",        '\031'},
    {"SUB",       '\032'},
    {"ESC",       '\033'},
    {"IS4",       '\034'},
    {"FS",        '\034'},
    {"IS3",       '\035'},
    {"GS",        '\035'},
    {"IS2",       '\036'},
    {"RS",        '\036'},
    {"IS1",       '\037'},
    {"US",        '\037'},
    {"space",           ' '},
    {"quotation-mark",  '"'},
    {"number-sign",     '#'},
    {"dollar-sign",     '$'},
    {"percent-sign",    '%'},
    {"ampersand", '&'},
    {"apostrophe",      '\''},
    {"right-parenthesis", ')'},
    {"asterisk",  '*'},
    {"plus-sign", '+'},
    {"comma",           ','},
    {"hyphen",          '-'},
    {"hyphen-minus",    '-'},
    {"period",          '.'},
    {"full-stop", '.'},
    {"slash",           '/'},
    {"solidus",         '/'},
    {"zero",            '0'},
    {"one",       '1'},
    {"two",       '2'},
    {"three",           '3'},
    {"four",            '4'},
    {"five",            '5'},
    {"six",       '6'},
    {"seven",           '7'},
    {"eight",           '8'},
    {"nine",            '9'},
    {"colon",           ':'},
    {"semicolon", ';'},
    {"less-than-sign",  '<'},
    {"equals-sign",     '='},
    {"greater-than-sign", '>'},
    {"question-mark",   '?'},
    {"commercial-at",   '@'},
    {"left-square-bracket", '['},
    {"backslash", '\\'},
    {"reverse-solidus", '\\'},
    {"right-square-bracket", ']'},
    {"circumflex",      '^'},
    {"circumflex-accent", '^'},
    {"underscore",      '_'},
    {"low-line",  '_'},
    {"grave-accent",    '`'},
    {"left-brace",      '{'},
    {"left-curly-bracket", '{'},
    {"vertical-line",   '|'},
    {"right-brace",     '}'},
    {"right-curly-bracket", '}'},
    {"tilde",           '~'},
    {"DEL",       '\177'},
    {NULL,        0}
 * Unicode character-class tables.

typedef struct crange {
    chr start;
    chr end;
} crange;

 *    Declarations of Unicode character ranges.  This code
 *    is automatically generated by the tools/uniClass.tcl script
 *    and used in generic/regc_locale.c.  Do not modify by hand.

/* Unicode: alphabetic characters */

static const crange alphaRangeTable[] = {
    {0x0041, 0x005a}, {0x0061, 0x007a}, {0x00c0, 0x00d6}, {0x00d8, 0x00f6},
    {0x00f8, 0x021f}, {0x0222, 0x0233}, {0x0250, 0x02ad}, {0x02b0, 0x02b8},
    {0x02bb, 0x02c1}, {0x02e0, 0x02e4}, {0x0388, 0x038a}, {0x038e, 0x03a1},
    {0x03a3, 0x03ce}, {0x03d0, 0x03d7}, {0x03da, 0x03f5}, {0x0400, 0x0481},
    {0x048c, 0x04c4}, {0x04d0, 0x04f5}, {0x0531, 0x0556}, {0x0561, 0x0587},
    {0x05d0, 0x05ea}, {0x05f0, 0x05f2}, {0x0621, 0x063a}, {0x0640, 0x064a},
    {0x0671, 0x06d3}, {0x06fa, 0x06fc}, {0x0712, 0x072c}, {0x0780, 0x07a5},
    {0x0905, 0x0939}, {0x0958, 0x0961}, {0x0985, 0x098c}, {0x0993, 0x09a8},
    {0x09aa, 0x09b0}, {0x09b6, 0x09b9}, {0x09df, 0x09e1}, {0x0a05, 0x0a0a},
    {0x0a13, 0x0a28}, {0x0a2a, 0x0a30}, {0x0a59, 0x0a5c}, {0x0a72, 0x0a74},
    {0x0a85, 0x0a8b}, {0x0a8f, 0x0a91}, {0x0a93, 0x0aa8}, {0x0aaa, 0x0ab0},
    {0x0ab5, 0x0ab9}, {0x0b05, 0x0b0c}, {0x0b13, 0x0b28}, {0x0b2a, 0x0b30},
    {0x0b36, 0x0b39}, {0x0b5f, 0x0b61}, {0x0b85, 0x0b8a}, {0x0b8e, 0x0b90},
    {0x0b92, 0x0b95}, {0x0ba8, 0x0baa}, {0x0bae, 0x0bb5}, {0x0bb7, 0x0bb9},
    {0x0c05, 0x0c0c}, {0x0c0e, 0x0c10}, {0x0c12, 0x0c28}, {0x0c2a, 0x0c33},
    {0x0c35, 0x0c39}, {0x0c85, 0x0c8c}, {0x0c8e, 0x0c90}, {0x0c92, 0x0ca8},
    {0x0caa, 0x0cb3}, {0x0cb5, 0x0cb9}, {0x0d05, 0x0d0c}, {0x0d0e, 0x0d10},
    {0x0d12, 0x0d28}, {0x0d2a, 0x0d39}, {0x0d85, 0x0d96}, {0x0d9a, 0x0db1},
    {0x0db3, 0x0dbb}, {0x0dc0, 0x0dc6}, {0x0e01, 0x0e30}, {0x0e40, 0x0e46},
    {0x0e94, 0x0e97}, {0x0e99, 0x0e9f}, {0x0ea1, 0x0ea3}, {0x0ead, 0x0eb0},
    {0x0ec0, 0x0ec4}, {0x0f40, 0x0f47}, {0x0f49, 0x0f6a}, {0x0f88, 0x0f8b},
    {0x1000, 0x1021}, {0x1023, 0x1027}, {0x1050, 0x1055}, {0x10a0, 0x10c5},
    {0x10d0, 0x10f6}, {0x1100, 0x1159}, {0x115f, 0x11a2}, {0x11a8, 0x11f9},
    {0x1200, 0x1206}, {0x1208, 0x1246}, {0x124a, 0x124d}, {0x1250, 0x1256},
    {0x125a, 0x125d}, {0x1260, 0x1286}, {0x128a, 0x128d}, {0x1290, 0x12ae},
    {0x12b2, 0x12b5}, {0x12b8, 0x12be}, {0x12c2, 0x12c5}, {0x12c8, 0x12ce},
    {0x12d0, 0x12d6}, {0x12d8, 0x12ee}, {0x12f0, 0x130e}, {0x1312, 0x1315},
    {0x1318, 0x131e}, {0x1320, 0x1346}, {0x1348, 0x135a}, {0x13a0, 0x13f4},
    {0x1401, 0x166c}, {0x166f, 0x1676}, {0x1681, 0x169a}, {0x16a0, 0x16ea},
    {0x1780, 0x17b3}, {0x1820, 0x1877}, {0x1880, 0x18a8}, {0x1e00, 0x1e9b},
    {0x1ea0, 0x1ef9}, {0x1f00, 0x1f15}, {0x1f18, 0x1f1d}, {0x1f20, 0x1f45},
    {0x1f48, 0x1f4d}, {0x1f50, 0x1f57}, {0x1f5f, 0x1f7d}, {0x1f80, 0x1fb4},
    {0x1fb6, 0x1fbc}, {0x1fc2, 0x1fc4}, {0x1fc6, 0x1fcc}, {0x1fd0, 0x1fd3},
    {0x1fd6, 0x1fdb}, {0x1fe0, 0x1fec}, {0x1ff2, 0x1ff4}, {0x1ff6, 0x1ffc},
    {0x210a, 0x2113}, {0x2119, 0x211d}, {0x212a, 0x212d}, {0x212f, 0x2131},
    {0x2133, 0x2139}, {0x3031, 0x3035}, {0x3041, 0x3094}, {0x30a1, 0x30fa},
    {0x30fc, 0x30fe}, {0x3105, 0x312c}, {0x3131, 0x318e}, {0x31a0, 0x31b7},
    {0x3400, 0x4db5}, {0x4e00, 0x9fa5}, {0xa000, 0xa48c}, {0xac00, 0xd7a3},
    {0xf900, 0xfa2d}, {0xfb00, 0xfb06}, {0xfb13, 0xfb17}, {0xfb1f, 0xfb28},
    {0xfb2a, 0xfb36}, {0xfb38, 0xfb3c}, {0xfb46, 0xfbb1}, {0xfbd3, 0xfd3d},
    {0xfd50, 0xfd8f}, {0xfd92, 0xfdc7}, {0xfdf0, 0xfdfb}, {0xfe70, 0xfe72},
    {0xfe76, 0xfefc}, {0xff21, 0xff3a}, {0xff41, 0xff5a}, {0xff66, 0xffbe},
    {0xffc2, 0xffc7}, {0xffca, 0xffcf}, {0xffd2, 0xffd7}, {0xffda, 0xffdc}

#define NUM_ALPHA_RANGE (sizeof(alphaRangeTable)/sizeof(crange))

static const chr alphaCharTable[] = {
    0x00aa, 0x00b5, 0x00ba, 0x02d0, 0x02d1, 0x02ee, 0x037a, 0x0386, 0x038c,
    0x04c7, 0x04c8, 0x04cb, 0x04cc, 0x04f8, 0x04f9, 0x0559, 0x06d5, 0x06e5,
    0x06e6, 0x0710, 0x093d, 0x0950, 0x098f, 0x0990, 0x09b2, 0x09dc, 0x09dd,
    0x09f0, 0x09f1, 0x0a0f, 0x0a10, 0x0a32, 0x0a33, 0x0a35, 0x0a36, 0x0a38,
    0x0a39, 0x0a5e, 0x0a8d, 0x0ab2, 0x0ab3, 0x0abd, 0x0ad0, 0x0ae0, 0x0b0f,
    0x0b10, 0x0b32, 0x0b33, 0x0b3d, 0x0b5c, 0x0b5d, 0x0b99, 0x0b9a, 0x0b9c,
    0x0b9e, 0x0b9f, 0x0ba3, 0x0ba4, 0x0c60, 0x0c61, 0x0cde, 0x0ce0, 0x0ce1,
    0x0d60, 0x0d61, 0x0dbd, 0x0e32, 0x0e33, 0x0e81, 0x0e82, 0x0e84, 0x0e87,
    0x0e88, 0x0e8a, 0x0e8d, 0x0ea5, 0x0ea7, 0x0eaa, 0x0eab, 0x0eb2, 0x0eb3,
    0x0ebd, 0x0ec6, 0x0edc, 0x0edd, 0x0f00, 0x1029, 0x102a, 0x1248, 0x1258,
    0x1288, 0x12b0, 0x12c0, 0x1310, 0x1f59, 0x1f5b, 0x1f5d, 0x1fbe, 0x207f,
    0x2102, 0x2107, 0x2115, 0x2124, 0x2126, 0x2128, 0x3005, 0x3006, 0x309d,
    0x309e, 0xfb1d, 0xfb3e, 0xfb40, 0xfb41, 0xfb43, 0xfb44, 0xfe74, 0xfffe

#define NUM_ALPHA_CHAR (sizeof(alphaCharTable)/sizeof(chr))

 * Unicode: decimal digit characters

static const crange digitRangeTable[] = {
    {0x0030, 0x0039}, {0x0660, 0x0669}, {0x06f0, 0x06f9}, {0x0966, 0x096f},
    {0x09e6, 0x09ef}, {0x0a66, 0x0a6f}, {0x0ae6, 0x0aef}, {0x0b66, 0x0b6f},
    {0x0be7, 0x0bef}, {0x0c66, 0x0c6f}, {0x0ce6, 0x0cef}, {0x0d66, 0x0d6f},
    {0x0e50, 0x0e59}, {0x0ed0, 0x0ed9}, {0x0f20, 0x0f29}, {0x1040, 0x1049},
    {0x1369, 0x1371}, {0x17e0, 0x17e9}, {0x1810, 0x1819}, {0xff10, 0xff19}

#define NUM_DIGIT_RANGE (sizeof(digitRangeTable)/sizeof(crange))

 * no singletons of digit characters.

 * Unicode: punctuation characters.

static const crange punctRangeTable[] = {
    {0x0021, 0x0023}, {0x0025, 0x002a}, {0x002c, 0x002f}, {0x005b, 0x005d},
    {0x055a, 0x055f}, {0x066a, 0x066d}, {0x0700, 0x070d}, {0x0f04, 0x0f12},
    {0x0f3a, 0x0f3d}, {0x104a, 0x104f}, {0x1361, 0x1368}, {0x16eb, 0x16ed},
    {0x17d4, 0x17da}, {0x1800, 0x180a}, {0x2010, 0x2027}, {0x2030, 0x2043},
    {0x2048, 0x204d}, {0x3001, 0x3003}, {0x3008, 0x3011}, {0x3014, 0x301f},
    {0xfe30, 0xfe44}, {0xfe49, 0xfe52}, {0xfe54, 0xfe61}, {0xff01, 0xff03},
    {0xff05, 0xff0a}, {0xff0c, 0xff0f}, {0xff3b, 0xff3d}, {0xff61, 0xff65}

#define NUM_PUNCT_RANGE (sizeof(punctRangeTable)/sizeof(crange))

static const chr punctCharTable[] = {
    0x003a, 0x003b, 0x003f, 0x0040, 0x005f, 0x007b, 0x007d, 0x00a1, 0x00ab,
    0x00ad, 0x00b7, 0x00bb, 0x00bf, 0x037e, 0x0387, 0x0589, 0x058a, 0x05be,
    0x05c0, 0x05c3, 0x05f3, 0x05f4, 0x060c, 0x061b, 0x061f, 0x06d4, 0x0964,
    0x0965, 0x0970, 0x0df4, 0x0e4f, 0x0e5a, 0x0e5b, 0x0f85, 0x10fb, 0x166d,
    0x166e, 0x169b, 0x169c, 0x17dc, 0x2045, 0x2046, 0x207d, 0x207e, 0x208d,
    0x208e, 0x2329, 0x232a, 0x3030, 0x30fb, 0xfd3e, 0xfd3f, 0xfe63, 0xfe68,
    0xfe6a, 0xfe6b, 0xff1a, 0xff1b, 0xff1f, 0xff20, 0xff3f, 0xff5b, 0xff5d

#define NUM_PUNCT_CHAR (sizeof(punctCharTable)/sizeof(chr))

 * Unicode: white space characters.

static const crange spaceRangeTable[] = {
    {0x0009, 0x000d}, {0x2000, 0x200b}

#define NUM_SPACE_RANGE (sizeof(spaceRangeTable)/sizeof(crange))

static const chr spaceCharTable[] = {
    0x0020, 0x00a0, 0x1680, 0x2028, 0x2029, 0x202f, 0x3000

#define NUM_SPACE_CHAR (sizeof(spaceCharTable)/sizeof(chr))

 * Unicode: lowercase characters

static const crange lowerRangeTable[] = {
    {0x0061, 0x007a}, {0x00df, 0x00f6}, {0x00f8, 0x00ff}, {0x017e, 0x0180},
    {0x0199, 0x019b}, {0x01bd, 0x01bf}, {0x0250, 0x02ad}, {0x03ac, 0x03ce},
    {0x03d5, 0x03d7}, {0x03ef, 0x03f3}, {0x0430, 0x045f}, {0x0561, 0x0587},
    {0x1e95, 0x1e9b}, {0x1f00, 0x1f07}, {0x1f10, 0x1f15}, {0x1f20, 0x1f27},
    {0x1f30, 0x1f37}, {0x1f40, 0x1f45}, {0x1f50, 0x1f57}, {0x1f60, 0x1f67},
    {0x1f70, 0x1f7d}, {0x1f80, 0x1f87}, {0x1f90, 0x1f97}, {0x1fa0, 0x1fa7},
    {0x1fb0, 0x1fb4}, {0x1fc2, 0x1fc4}, {0x1fd0, 0x1fd3}, {0x1fe0, 0x1fe7},
    {0x1ff2, 0x1ff4}, {0xfb00, 0xfb06}, {0xfb13, 0xfb17}, {0xff41, 0xff5a}

#define NUM_LOWER_RANGE (sizeof(lowerRangeTable)/sizeof(crange))

static const chr lowerCharTable[] = {
    0x00aa, 0x00b5, 0x00ba, 0x0101, 0x0103, 0x0105, 0x0107, 0x0109, 0x010b,
    0x010d, 0x010f, 0x0111, 0x0113, 0x0115, 0x0117, 0x0119, 0x011b, 0x011d,
    0x011f, 0x0121, 0x0123, 0x0125, 0x0127, 0x0129, 0x012b, 0x012d, 0x012f,
    0x0131, 0x0133, 0x0135, 0x0137, 0x0138, 0x013a, 0x013c, 0x013e, 0x0140,
    0x0142, 0x0144, 0x0146, 0x0148, 0x0149, 0x014b, 0x014d, 0x014f, 0x0151,
    0x0153, 0x0155, 0x0157, 0x0159, 0x015b, 0x015d, 0x015f, 0x0161, 0x0163,
    0x0165, 0x0167, 0x0169, 0x016b, 0x016d, 0x016f, 0x0171, 0x0173, 0x0175,
    0x0177, 0x017a, 0x017c, 0x0183, 0x0185, 0x0188, 0x018c, 0x018d, 0x0192,
    0x0195, 0x019e, 0x01a1, 0x01a3, 0x01a5, 0x01a8, 0x01aa, 0x01ab, 0x01ad,
    0x01b0, 0x01b4, 0x01b6, 0x01b9, 0x01ba, 0x01c6, 0x01c9, 0x01cc, 0x01ce,
    0x01d0, 0x01d2, 0x01d4, 0x01d6, 0x01d8, 0x01da, 0x01dc, 0x01dd, 0x01df,
    0x01e1, 0x01e3, 0x01e5, 0x01e7, 0x01e9, 0x01eb, 0x01ed, 0x01ef, 0x01f0,
    0x01f3, 0x01f5, 0x01f9, 0x01fb, 0x01fd, 0x01ff, 0x0201, 0x0203, 0x0205,
    0x0207, 0x0209, 0x020b, 0x020d, 0x020f, 0x0211, 0x0213, 0x0215, 0x0217,
    0x0219, 0x021b, 0x021d, 0x021f, 0x0223, 0x0225, 0x0227, 0x0229, 0x022b,
    0x022d, 0x022f, 0x0231, 0x0233, 0x0390, 0x03d0, 0x03d1, 0x03db, 0x03dd,
    0x03df, 0x03e1, 0x03e3, 0x03e5, 0x03e7, 0x03e9, 0x03eb, 0x03ed, 0x03f5,
    0x0461, 0x0463, 0x0465, 0x0467, 0x0469, 0x046b, 0x046d, 0x046f, 0x0471,
    0x0473, 0x0475, 0x0477, 0x0479, 0x047b, 0x047d, 0x047f, 0x0481, 0x048d,
    0x048f, 0x0491, 0x0493, 0x0495, 0x0497, 0x0499, 0x049b, 0x049d, 0x049f,
    0x04a1, 0x04a3, 0x04a5, 0x04a7, 0x04a9, 0x04ab, 0x04ad, 0x04af, 0x04b1,
    0x04b3, 0x04b5, 0x04b7, 0x04b9, 0x04bb, 0x04bd, 0x04bf, 0x04c2, 0x04c4,
    0x04c8, 0x04cc, 0x04d1, 0x04d3, 0x04d5, 0x04d7, 0x04d9, 0x04db, 0x04dd,
    0x04df, 0x04e1, 0x04e3, 0x04e5, 0x04e7, 0x04e9, 0x04eb, 0x04ed, 0x04ef,
    0x04f1, 0x04f3, 0x04f5, 0x04f9, 0x1e01, 0x1e03, 0x1e05, 0x1e07, 0x1e09,
    0x1e0b, 0x1e0d, 0x1e0f, 0x1e11, 0x1e13, 0x1e15, 0x1e17, 0x1e19, 0x1e1b,
    0x1e1d, 0x1e1f, 0x1e21, 0x1e23, 0x1e25, 0x1e27, 0x1e29, 0x1e2b, 0x1e2d,
    0x1e2f, 0x1e31, 0x1e33, 0x1e35, 0x1e37, 0x1e39, 0x1e3b, 0x1e3d, 0x1e3f,
    0x1e41, 0x1e43, 0x1e45, 0x1e47, 0x1e49, 0x1e4b, 0x1e4d, 0x1e4f, 0x1e51,
    0x1e53, 0x1e55, 0x1e57, 0x1e59, 0x1e5b, 0x1e5d, 0x1e5f, 0x1e61, 0x1e63,
    0x1e65, 0x1e67, 0x1e69, 0x1e6b, 0x1e6d, 0x1e6f, 0x1e71, 0x1e73, 0x1e75,
    0x1e77, 0x1e79, 0x1e7b, 0x1e7d, 0x1e7f, 0x1e81, 0x1e83, 0x1e85, 0x1e87,
    0x1e89, 0x1e8b, 0x1e8d, 0x1e8f, 0x1e91, 0x1e93, 0x1ea1, 0x1ea3, 0x1ea5,
    0x1ea7, 0x1ea9, 0x1eab, 0x1ead, 0x1eaf, 0x1eb1, 0x1eb3, 0x1eb5, 0x1eb7,
    0x1eb9, 0x1ebb, 0x1ebd, 0x1ebf, 0x1ec1, 0x1ec3, 0x1ec5, 0x1ec7, 0x1ec9,
    0x1ecb, 0x1ecd, 0x1ecf, 0x1ed1, 0x1ed3, 0x1ed5, 0x1ed7, 0x1ed9, 0x1edb,
    0x1edd, 0x1edf, 0x1ee1, 0x1ee3, 0x1ee5, 0x1ee7, 0x1ee9, 0x1eeb, 0x1eed,
    0x1eef, 0x1ef1, 0x1ef3, 0x1ef5, 0x1ef7, 0x1ef9, 0x1fb6, 0x1fb7, 0x1fbe,
    0x1fc6, 0x1fc7, 0x1fd6, 0x1fd7, 0x1ff6, 0x1ff7, 0x207f, 0x210a, 0x210e,
    0x210f, 0x2113, 0x212f, 0x2134, 0x2139

#define NUM_LOWER_CHAR (sizeof(lowerCharTable)/sizeof(chr))

 * Unicode: uppercase characters.

static const crange upperRangeTable[] = {
    {0x0041, 0x005a}, {0x00c0, 0x00d6}, {0x00d8, 0x00de}, {0x0189, 0x018b},
    {0x018e, 0x0191}, {0x0196, 0x0198}, {0x01b1, 0x01b3}, {0x01f6, 0x01f8},
    {0x0388, 0x038a}, {0x0391, 0x03a1}, {0x03a3, 0x03ab}, {0x03d2, 0x03d4},
    {0x0400, 0x042f}, {0x0531, 0x0556}, {0x10a0, 0x10c5}, {0x1f08, 0x1f0f},
    {0x1f18, 0x1f1d}, {0x1f28, 0x1f2f}, {0x1f38, 0x1f3f}, {0x1f48, 0x1f4d},
    {0x1f68, 0x1f6f}, {0x1fb8, 0x1fbb}, {0x1fc8, 0x1fcb}, {0x1fd8, 0x1fdb},
    {0x1fe8, 0x1fec}, {0x1ff8, 0x1ffb}, {0x210b, 0x210d}, {0x2110, 0x2112},
    {0x2119, 0x211d}, {0x212a, 0x212d}, {0xff21, 0xff3a}

#define NUM_UPPER_RANGE (sizeof(upperRangeTable)/sizeof(crange))

static const chr upperCharTable[] = {
    0x0100, 0x0102, 0x0104, 0x0106, 0x0108, 0x010a, 0x010c, 0x010e, 0x0110,
    0x0112, 0x0114, 0x0116, 0x0118, 0x011a, 0x011c, 0x011e, 0x0120, 0x0122,
    0x0124, 0x0126, 0x0128, 0x012a, 0x012c, 0x012e, 0x0130, 0x0132, 0x0134,
    0x0136, 0x0139, 0x013b, 0x013d, 0x013f, 0x0141, 0x0143, 0x0145, 0x0147,
    0x014a, 0x014c, 0x014e, 0x0150, 0x0152, 0x0154, 0x0156, 0x0158, 0x015a,
    0x015c, 0x015e, 0x0160, 0x0162, 0x0164, 0x0166, 0x0168, 0x016a, 0x016c,
    0x016e, 0x0170, 0x0172, 0x0174, 0x0176, 0x0178, 0x0179, 0x017b, 0x017d,
    0x0181, 0x0182, 0x0184, 0x0186, 0x0187, 0x0193, 0x0194, 0x019c, 0x019d,
    0x019f, 0x01a0, 0x01a2, 0x01a4, 0x01a6, 0x01a7, 0x01a9, 0x01ac, 0x01ae,
    0x01af, 0x01b5, 0x01b7, 0x01b8, 0x01bc, 0x01c4, 0x01c7, 0x01ca, 0x01cd,
    0x01cf, 0x01d1, 0x01d3, 0x01d5, 0x01d7, 0x01d9, 0x01db, 0x01de, 0x01e0,
    0x01e2, 0x01e4, 0x01e6, 0x01e8, 0x01ea, 0x01ec, 0x01ee, 0x01f1, 0x01f4,
    0x01fa, 0x01fc, 0x01fe, 0x0200, 0x0202, 0x0204, 0x0206, 0x0208, 0x020a,
    0x020c, 0x020e, 0x0210, 0x0212, 0x0214, 0x0216, 0x0218, 0x021a, 0x021c,
    0x021e, 0x0222, 0x0224, 0x0226, 0x0228, 0x022a, 0x022c, 0x022e, 0x0230,
    0x0232, 0x0386, 0x038c, 0x038e, 0x038f, 0x03da, 0x03dc, 0x03de, 0x03e0,
    0x03e2, 0x03e4, 0x03e6, 0x03e8, 0x03ea, 0x03ec, 0x03ee, 0x03f4, 0x0460,
    0x0462, 0x0464, 0x0466, 0x0468, 0x046a, 0x046c, 0x046e, 0x0470, 0x0472,
    0x0474, 0x0476, 0x0478, 0x047a, 0x047c, 0x047e, 0x0480, 0x048c, 0x048e,
    0x0490, 0x0492, 0x0494, 0x0496, 0x0498, 0x049a, 0x049c, 0x049e, 0x04a0,
    0x04a2, 0x04a4, 0x04a6, 0x04a8, 0x04aa, 0x04ac, 0x04ae, 0x04b0, 0x04b2,
    0x04b4, 0x04b6, 0x04b8, 0x04ba, 0x04bc, 0x04be, 0x04c0, 0x04c1, 0x04c3,
    0x04c7, 0x04cb, 0x04d0, 0x04d2, 0x04d4, 0x04d6, 0x04d8, 0x04da, 0x04dc,
    0x04de, 0x04e0, 0x04e2, 0x04e4, 0x04e6, 0x04e8, 0x04ea, 0x04ec, 0x04ee,
    0x04f0, 0x04f2, 0x04f4, 0x04f8, 0x1e00, 0x1e02, 0x1e04, 0x1e06, 0x1e08,
    0x1e0a, 0x1e0c, 0x1e0e, 0x1e10, 0x1e12, 0x1e14, 0x1e16, 0x1e18, 0x1e1a,
    0x1e1c, 0x1e1e, 0x1e20, 0x1e22, 0x1e24, 0x1e26, 0x1e28, 0x1e2a, 0x1e2c,
    0x1e2e, 0x1e30, 0x1e32, 0x1e34, 0x1e36, 0x1e38, 0x1e3a, 0x1e3c, 0x1e3e,
    0x1e40, 0x1e42, 0x1e44, 0x1e46, 0x1e48, 0x1e4a, 0x1e4c, 0x1e4e, 0x1e50,
    0x1e52, 0x1e54, 0x1e56, 0x1e58, 0x1e5a, 0x1e5c, 0x1e5e, 0x1e60, 0x1e62,
    0x1e64, 0x1e66, 0x1e68, 0x1e6a, 0x1e6c, 0x1e6e, 0x1e70, 0x1e72, 0x1e74,
    0x1e76, 0x1e78, 0x1e7a, 0x1e7c, 0x1e7e, 0x1e80, 0x1e82, 0x1e84, 0x1e86,
    0x1e88, 0x1e8a, 0x1e8c, 0x1e8e, 0x1e90, 0x1e92, 0x1e94, 0x1ea0, 0x1ea2,
    0x1ea4, 0x1ea6, 0x1ea8, 0x1eaa, 0x1eac, 0x1eae, 0x1eb0, 0x1eb2, 0x1eb4,
    0x1eb6, 0x1eb8, 0x1eba, 0x1ebc, 0x1ebe, 0x1ec0, 0x1ec2, 0x1ec4, 0x1ec6,
    0x1ec8, 0x1eca, 0x1ecc, 0x1ece, 0x1ed0, 0x1ed2, 0x1ed4, 0x1ed6, 0x1ed8,
    0x1eda, 0x1edc, 0x1ede, 0x1ee0, 0x1ee2, 0x1ee4, 0x1ee6, 0x1ee8, 0x1eea,
    0x1eec, 0x1eee, 0x1ef0, 0x1ef2, 0x1ef4, 0x1ef6, 0x1ef8, 0x1f59, 0x1f5b,
    0x1f5d, 0x1f5f, 0x2102, 0x2107, 0x2115, 0x2124, 0x2126, 0x2128, 0x2130,
    0x2131, 0x2133

#define NUM_UPPER_CHAR (sizeof(upperCharTable)/sizeof(chr))

 * Unicode: unicode print characters excluding space.

static const crange graphRangeTable[] = {
    {0x0021, 0x007e}, {0x00a0, 0x011f}, {0x0121, 0x021f}, {0x0222, 0x0233},
    {0x0250, 0x02ad}, {0x02b0, 0x02ee}, {0x0300, 0x031f}, {0x0321, 0x034e},
    {0x0360, 0x0362}, {0x0384, 0x038a}, {0x038e, 0x03a1}, {0x03a3, 0x03ce},
    {0x03d0, 0x03d7}, {0x03da, 0x03f5}, {0x0400, 0x041f}, {0x0421, 0x0486},
    {0x048c, 0x04c4}, {0x04d0, 0x04f5}, {0x0531, 0x0556}, {0x0559, 0x055f},
    {0x0561, 0x0587}, {0x0591, 0x05a1}, {0x05a3, 0x05b9}, {0x05bb, 0x05c4},
    {0x05d0, 0x05ea}, {0x05f0, 0x05f4}, {0x0621, 0x063a}, {0x0640, 0x0655},
    {0x0660, 0x066d}, {0x0670, 0x06ed}, {0x06f0, 0x06fe}, {0x0700, 0x070d},
    {0x0710, 0x071f}, {0x0721, 0x072c}, {0x0730, 0x074a}, {0x0780, 0x07b0},
    {0x0901, 0x0903}, {0x0905, 0x091f}, {0x0921, 0x0939}, {0x093c, 0x094d},
    {0x0950, 0x0954}, {0x0958, 0x0970}, {0x0981, 0x0983}, {0x0985, 0x098c},
    {0x0993, 0x09a8}, {0x09aa, 0x09b0}, {0x09b6, 0x09b9}, {0x09be, 0x09c4},
    {0x09cb, 0x09cd}, {0x09df, 0x09e3}, {0x09e6, 0x09fa}, {0x0a05, 0x0a0a},
    {0x0a13, 0x0a1f}, {0x0a21, 0x0a28}, {0x0a2a, 0x0a30}, {0x0a3e, 0x0a42},
    {0x0a4b, 0x0a4d}, {0x0a59, 0x0a5c}, {0x0a66, 0x0a74}, {0x0a81, 0x0a83},
    {0x0a85, 0x0a8b}, {0x0a8f, 0x0a91}, {0x0a93, 0x0aa8}, {0x0aaa, 0x0ab0},
    {0x0ab5, 0x0ab9}, {0x0abc, 0x0ac5}, {0x0ac7, 0x0ac9}, {0x0acb, 0x0acd},
    {0x0ae6, 0x0aef}, {0x0b01, 0x0b03}, {0x0b05, 0x0b0c}, {0x0b13, 0x0b1f},
    {0x0b21, 0x0b28}, {0x0b2a, 0x0b30}, {0x0b36, 0x0b39}, {0x0b3c, 0x0b43},
    {0x0b4b, 0x0b4d}, {0x0b5f, 0x0b61}, {0x0b66, 0x0b70}, {0x0b85, 0x0b8a},
    {0x0b8e, 0x0b90}, {0x0b92, 0x0b95}, {0x0ba8, 0x0baa}, {0x0bae, 0x0bb5},
    {0x0bb7, 0x0bb9}, {0x0bbe, 0x0bc2}, {0x0bc6, 0x0bc8}, {0x0bca, 0x0bcd},
    {0x0be7, 0x0bf2}, {0x0c01, 0x0c03}, {0x0c05, 0x0c0c}, {0x0c0e, 0x0c10},
    {0x0c12, 0x0c1f}, {0x0c21, 0x0c28}, {0x0c2a, 0x0c33}, {0x0c35, 0x0c39},
    {0x0c3e, 0x0c44}, {0x0c46, 0x0c48}, {0x0c4a, 0x0c4d}, {0x0c66, 0x0c6f},
    {0x0c85, 0x0c8c}, {0x0c8e, 0x0c90}, {0x0c92, 0x0ca8}, {0x0caa, 0x0cb3},
    {0x0cb5, 0x0cb9}, {0x0cbe, 0x0cc4}, {0x0cc6, 0x0cc8}, {0x0cca, 0x0ccd},
    {0x0ce6, 0x0cef}, {0x0d05, 0x0d0c}, {0x0d0e, 0x0d10}, {0x0d12, 0x0d1f},
    {0x0d21, 0x0d28}, {0x0d2a, 0x0d39}, {0x0d3e, 0x0d43}, {0x0d46, 0x0d48},
    {0x0d4a, 0x0d4d}, {0x0d66, 0x0d6f}, {0x0d85, 0x0d96}, {0x0d9a, 0x0db1},
    {0x0db3, 0x0dbb}, {0x0dc0, 0x0dc6}, {0x0dcf, 0x0dd4}, {0x0dd8, 0x0ddf},
    {0x0df2, 0x0df4}, {0x0e01, 0x0e1f}, {0x0e21, 0x0e3a}, {0x0e3f, 0x0e5b},
    {0x0e94, 0x0e97}, {0x0e99, 0x0e9f}, {0x0ea1, 0x0ea3}, {0x0ead, 0x0eb9},
    {0x0ebb, 0x0ebd}, {0x0ec0, 0x0ec4}, {0x0ec8, 0x0ecd}, {0x0ed0, 0x0ed9},
    {0x0f00, 0x0f1f}, {0x0f21, 0x0f47}, {0x0f49, 0x0f6a}, {0x0f71, 0x0f8b},
    {0x0f90, 0x0f97}, {0x0f99, 0x0fbc}, {0x0fbe, 0x0fcc}, {0x1000, 0x101f},
    {0x1023, 0x1027}, {0x102c, 0x1032}, {0x1036, 0x1039}, {0x1040, 0x1059},
    {0x10a0, 0x10c5}, {0x10d0, 0x10f6}, {0x1100, 0x111f}, {0x1121, 0x1159},
    {0x115f, 0x11a2}, {0x11a8, 0x11f9}, {0x1200, 0x1206}, {0x1208, 0x121f},
    {0x1221, 0x1246}, {0x124a, 0x124d}, {0x1250, 0x1256}, {0x125a, 0x125d},
    {0x1260, 0x1286}, {0x128a, 0x128d}, {0x1290, 0x12ae}, {0x12b2, 0x12b5},
    {0x12b8, 0x12be}, {0x12c2, 0x12c5}, {0x12c8, 0x12ce}, {0x12d0, 0x12d6},
    {0x12d8, 0x12ee}, {0x12f0, 0x130e}, {0x1312, 0x1315}, {0x1318, 0x131e},
    {0x1321, 0x1346}, {0x1348, 0x135a}, {0x1361, 0x137c}, {0x13a0, 0x13f4},
    {0x1401, 0x141f}, {0x1421, 0x151f}, {0x1521, 0x161f}, {0x1621, 0x1676},
    {0x1680, 0x169c}, {0x16a0, 0x16f0}, {0x1780, 0x17dc}, {0x17e0, 0x17e9},
    {0x1800, 0x180a}, {0x1810, 0x1819}, {0x1821, 0x1877}, {0x1880, 0x18a9},
    {0x1e00, 0x1e1f}, {0x1e21, 0x1e9b}, {0x1ea0, 0x1ef9}, {0x1f00, 0x1f15},
    {0x1f18, 0x1f1d}, {0x1f21, 0x1f45}, {0x1f48, 0x1f4d}, {0x1f50, 0x1f57},
    {0x1f5f, 0x1f7d}, {0x1f80, 0x1fb4}, {0x1fb6, 0x1fc4}, {0x1fc6, 0x1fd3},
    {0x1fd6, 0x1fdb}, {0x1fdd, 0x1fef}, {0x1ff2, 0x1ff4}, {0x1ff6, 0x1ffe},
    {0x2000, 0x200b}, {0x2010, 0x201f}, {0x2021, 0x2029}, {0x202f, 0x2046},
    {0x2048, 0x204d}, {0x2074, 0x208e}, {0x20a0, 0x20af}, {0x20d0, 0x20e3},
    {0x2100, 0x211f}, {0x2121, 0x213a}, {0x2153, 0x2183}, {0x2190, 0x21f3},
    {0x2200, 0x221f}, {0x2221, 0x22f1}, {0x2300, 0x231f}, {0x2321, 0x237b},
    {0x237d, 0x239a}, {0x2400, 0x241f}, {0x2421, 0x2426}, {0x2440, 0x244a},
    {0x2460, 0x24ea}, {0x2500, 0x251f}, {0x2521, 0x2595}, {0x25a0, 0x25f7},
    {0x2600, 0x2613}, {0x2619, 0x261f}, {0x2621, 0x2671}, {0x2701, 0x2704},
    {0x2706, 0x2709}, {0x270c, 0x271f}, {0x2721, 0x2727}, {0x2729, 0x274b},
    {0x274f, 0x2752}, {0x2758, 0x275e}, {0x2761, 0x2767}, {0x2776, 0x2794},
    {0x2798, 0x27af}, {0x27b1, 0x27be}, {0x2800, 0x281f}, {0x2821, 0x28ff},
    {0x2e80, 0x2e99}, {0x2e9b, 0x2ef3}, {0x2f00, 0x2f1f}, {0x2f21, 0x2fd5},
    {0x2ff0, 0x2ffb}, {0x3000, 0x301f}, {0x3021, 0x303a}, {0x3041, 0x3094},
    {0x3099, 0x309e}, {0x30a1, 0x30fe}, {0x3105, 0x311f}, {0x3121, 0x312c},
    {0x3131, 0x318e}, {0x3190, 0x31b7}, {0x3200, 0x321c}, {0x3221, 0x3243},
    {0x3260, 0x327b}, {0x327f, 0x32b0}, {0x32c0, 0x32cb}, {0x32d0, 0x32fe},
    {0x3300, 0x331f}, {0x3321, 0x3376}, {0x337b, 0x33dd}, {0x33e0, 0x33fe},
    {0x3400, 0x341f}, {0x3421, 0x351f}, {0x3521, 0x361f}, {0x3621, 0x371f},
    {0x3721, 0x381f}, {0x3821, 0x391f}, {0x3921, 0x3a1f}, {0x3a21, 0x3b1f},
    {0x3b21, 0x3c1f}, {0x3c21, 0x3d1f}, {0x3d21, 0x3e1f}, {0x3e21, 0x3f1f},
    {0x3f21, 0x401f}, {0x4021, 0x411f}, {0x4121, 0x421f}, {0x4221, 0x431f},
    {0x4321, 0x441f}, {0x4421, 0x451f}, {0x4521, 0x461f}, {0x4621, 0x471f},
    {0x4721, 0x481f}, {0x4821, 0x491f}, {0x4921, 0x4a1f}, {0x4a21, 0x4b1f},
    {0x4b21, 0x4c1f}, {0x4c21, 0x4d1f}, {0x4d21, 0x4db5}, {0x4e00, 0x4e1f},
    {0x4e21, 0x4f1f}, {0x4f21, 0x501f}, {0x5021, 0x511f}, {0x5121, 0x521f},
    {0x5221, 0x531f}, {0x5321, 0x541f}, {0x5421, 0x551f}, {0x5521, 0x561f},
    {0x5621, 0x571f}, {0x5721, 0x581f}, {0x5821, 0x591f}, {0x5921, 0x5a1f},
    {0x5a21, 0x5b1f}, {0x5b21, 0x5c1f}, {0x5c21, 0x5d1f}, {0x5d21, 0x5e1f},
    {0x5e21, 0x5f1f}, {0x5f21, 0x601f}, {0x6021, 0x611f}, {0x6121, 0x621f},
    {0x6221, 0x631f}, {0x6321, 0x641f}, {0x6421, 0x651f}, {0x6521, 0x661f},
    {0x6621, 0x671f}, {0x6721, 0x681f}, {0x6821, 0x691f}, {0x6921, 0x6a1f},
    {0x6a21, 0x6b1f}, {0x6b21, 0x6c1f}, {0x6c21, 0x6d1f}, {0x6d21, 0x6e1f},
    {0x6e21, 0x6f1f}, {0x6f21, 0x701f}, {0x7021, 0x711f}, {0x7121, 0x721f},
    {0x7221, 0x731f}, {0x7321, 0x741f}, {0x7421, 0x751f}, {0x7521, 0x761f},
    {0x7621, 0x771f}, {0x7721, 0x781f}, {0x7821, 0x791f}, {0x7921, 0x7a1f},
    {0x7a21, 0x7b1f}, {0x7b21, 0x7c1f}, {0x7c21, 0x7d1f}, {0x7d21, 0x7e1f},
    {0x7e21, 0x7f1f}, {0x7f21, 0x801f}, {0x8021, 0x811f}, {0x8121, 0x821f},
    {0x8221, 0x831f}, {0x8321, 0x841f}, {0x8421, 0x851f}, {0x8521, 0x861f},
    {0x8621, 0x871f}, {0x8721, 0x881f}, {0x8821, 0x891f}, {0x8921, 0x8a1f},
    {0x8a21, 0x8b1f}, {0x8b21, 0x8c1f}, {0x8c21, 0x8d1f}, {0x8d21, 0x8e1f},
    {0x8e21, 0x8f1f}, {0x8f21, 0x901f}, {0x9021, 0x911f}, {0x9121, 0x921f},
    {0x9221, 0x931f}, {0x9321, 0x941f}, {0x9421, 0x951f}, {0x9521, 0x961f},
    {0x9621, 0x971f}, {0x9721, 0x981f}, {0x9821, 0x991f}, {0x9921, 0x9a1f},
    {0x9a21, 0x9b1f}, {0x9b21, 0x9c1f}, {0x9c21, 0x9d1f}, {0x9d21, 0x9e1f},
    {0x9e21, 0x9f1f}, {0x9f21, 0x9fa5}, {0xa000, 0xa01f}, {0xa021, 0xa11f},
    {0xa121, 0xa21f}, {0xa221, 0xa31f}, {0xa321, 0xa41f}, {0xa421, 0xa48c},
    {0xa490, 0xa4a1}, {0xa4a4, 0xa4b3}, {0xa4b5, 0xa4c0}, {0xa4c2, 0xa4c4},
    {0xac00, 0xac1f}, {0xac21, 0xad1f}, {0xad21, 0xae1f}, {0xae21, 0xaf1f},
    {0xaf21, 0xb01f}, {0xb021, 0xb11f}, {0xb121, 0xb21f}, {0xb221, 0xb31f},
    {0xb321, 0xb41f}, {0xb421, 0xb51f}, {0xb521, 0xb61f}, {0xb621, 0xb71f},
    {0xb721, 0xb81f}, {0xb821, 0xb91f}, {0xb921, 0xba1f}, {0xba21, 0xbb1f},
    {0xbb21, 0xbc1f}, {0xbc21, 0xbd1f}, {0xbd21, 0xbe1f}, {0xbe21, 0xbf1f},
    {0xbf21, 0xc01f}, {0xc021, 0xc11f}, {0xc121, 0xc21f}, {0xc221, 0xc31f},
    {0xc321, 0xc41f}, {0xc421, 0xc51f}, {0xc521, 0xc61f}, {0xc621, 0xc71f},
    {0xc721, 0xc81f}, {0xc821, 0xc91f}, {0xc921, 0xca1f}, {0xca21, 0xcb1f},
    {0xcb21, 0xcc1f}, {0xcc21, 0xcd1f}, {0xcd21, 0xce1f}, {0xce21, 0xcf1f},
    {0xcf21, 0xd01f}, {0xd021, 0xd11f}, {0xd121, 0xd21f}, {0xd221, 0xd31f},
    {0xd321, 0xd41f}, {0xd421, 0xd51f}, {0xd521, 0xd61f}, {0xd621, 0xd71f},
    {0xd721, 0xd7a3}, {0xf900, 0xf91f}, {0xf921, 0xfa1f}, {0xfa21, 0xfa2d},
    {0xfb00, 0xfb06}, {0xfb13, 0xfb17}, {0xfb1d, 0xfb1f}, {0xfb21, 0xfb36},
    {0xfb38, 0xfb3c}, {0xfb46, 0xfbb1}, {0xfbd3, 0xfc1f}, {0xfc21, 0xfd1f},
    {0xfd21, 0xfd3f}, {0xfd50, 0xfd8f}, {0xfd92, 0xfdc7}, {0xfdf0, 0xfdfb},
    {0xfe21, 0xfe23}, {0xfe30, 0xfe44}, {0xfe49, 0xfe52}, {0xfe54, 0xfe66},
    {0xfe68, 0xfe6b}, {0xfe70, 0xfe72}, {0xfe76, 0xfefc}, {0xff01, 0xff1f},
    {0xff21, 0xff5e}, {0xff61, 0xffbe}, {0xffc2, 0xffc7}, {0xffca, 0xffcf},
    {0xffd2, 0xffd7}, {0xffda, 0xffdc}, {0xffe0, 0xffe6}, {0xffe8, 0xffee},
    {0xfffc, 0xffff}

#define NUM_GRAPH_RANGE (sizeof(graphRangeTable)/sizeof(crange))

static const chr graphCharTable[] = {
    0x0374, 0x0375, 0x037a, 0x037e, 0x038c, 0x0488, 0x0489, 0x04c7, 0x04c8,
    0x04cb, 0x04cc, 0x04f8, 0x04f9, 0x0589, 0x058a, 0x060c, 0x061b, 0x061f,
    0x098f, 0x0990, 0x09b2, 0x09bc, 0x09c7, 0x09c8, 0x09d7, 0x09dc, 0x09dd,
    0x0a02, 0x0a0f, 0x0a10, 0x0a32, 0x0a33, 0x0a35, 0x0a36, 0x0a38, 0x0a39,
    0x0a3c, 0x0a47, 0x0a48, 0x0a5e, 0x0a8d, 0x0ab2, 0x0ab3, 0x0ad0, 0x0ae0,
    0x0b0f, 0x0b10, 0x0b32, 0x0b33, 0x0b47, 0x0b48, 0x0b56, 0x0b57, 0x0b5c,
    0x0b5d, 0x0b82, 0x0b83, 0x0b99, 0x0b9a, 0x0b9c, 0x0b9e, 0x0b9f, 0x0ba3,
    0x0ba4, 0x0bd7, 0x0c55, 0x0c56, 0x0c60, 0x0c61, 0x0c82, 0x0c83, 0x0cd5,
    0x0cd6, 0x0cde, 0x0ce0, 0x0ce1, 0x0d02, 0x0d03, 0x0d57, 0x0d60, 0x0d61,
    0x0d82, 0x0d83, 0x0dbd, 0x0dca, 0x0dd6, 0x0e81, 0x0e82, 0x0e84, 0x0e87,
    0x0e88, 0x0e8a, 0x0e8d, 0x0ea5, 0x0ea7, 0x0eaa, 0x0eab, 0x0ec6, 0x0edc,
    0x0edd, 0x0fcf, 0x1021, 0x1029, 0x102a, 0x10fb, 0x1248, 0x1258, 0x1288,
    0x12b0, 0x12c0, 0x1310, 0x1f59, 0x1f5b, 0x1f5d, 0x2070, 0x274d, 0x2756,
    0x303e, 0x303f, 0xa4c6, 0xfb3e, 0xfb40, 0xfb41, 0xfb43, 0xfb44, 0xfe74

#define NUM_GRAPH_CHAR (sizeof(graphCharTable)/sizeof(chr))

 * Unicode: unicode print characters including space, i.e. all Letters (class
 * L*), Numbers (N*), Punctuation (P*), Symbols (S*) and Spaces (Zs).

static const crange printRangeTable[] = {
    {0x0020, 0x007E}, {0x00A0, 0x01F5}, {0x01FA, 0x0217}, {0x0250, 0x02A8},
    {0x02B0, 0x02DE}, {0x02E0, 0x02E9}, {0x0374, 0x0375}, {0x0384, 0x038A},
    {0x038E, 0x03A1}, {0x03A3, 0x03CE}, {0x03D0, 0x03D6}, {0x03E2, 0x03F3},
    {0x0401, 0x040C}, {0x040E, 0x044F}, {0x0451, 0x045C}, {0x045E, 0x0482},
    {0x0490, 0x04C4}, {0x04C7, 0x04C8}, {0x04CB, 0x04CC}, {0x04D0, 0x04EB},
    {0x04EE, 0x04F5}, {0x04F8, 0x04F9}, {0x0531, 0x0556}, {0x0559, 0x055F},
    {0x0561, 0x0587}, {0x05D0, 0x05EA}, {0x05F0, 0x05F4}, {0x0621, 0x063A},
    {0x0640, 0x064A}, {0x0660, 0x066D}, {0x0671, 0x06B7}, {0x06BA, 0x06BE},
    {0x06C0, 0x06CE}, {0x06D0, 0x06D5}, {0x06E5, 0x06E6}, {0x06F0, 0x06F9},
    {0x0905, 0x0939}, {0x0958, 0x0961}, {0x0964, 0x0970}, {0x0985, 0x098C},
    {0x098F, 0x0990}, {0x0993, 0x09A8}, {0x09AA, 0x09B0}, {0x09B6, 0x09B9},
    {0x09DC, 0x09DD}, {0x09DF, 0x09E1}, {0x09E6, 0x09FA}, {0x0A05, 0x0A0A},
    {0x0A0F, 0x0A10}, {0x0A13, 0x0A28}, {0x0A2A, 0x0A30}, {0x0A32, 0x0A33},
    {0x0A35, 0x0A36}, {0x0A38, 0x0A39}, {0x0A59, 0x0A5C}, {0x0A66, 0x0A6F},
    {0x0A72, 0x0A74}, {0x0A85, 0x0A8B}, {0x0A8F, 0x0A91}, {0x0A93, 0x0AA8},
    {0x0AAA, 0x0AB0}, {0x0AB2, 0x0AB3}, {0x0AB5, 0x0AB9}, {0x0AE6, 0x0AEF},
    {0x0B05, 0x0B0C}, {0x0B0F, 0x0B10}, {0x0B13, 0x0B28}, {0x0B2A, 0x0B30},
    {0x0B32, 0x0B33}, {0x0B36, 0x0B39}, {0x0B5C, 0x0B5D}, {0x0B5F, 0x0B61},
    {0x0B66, 0x0B70}, {0x0B85, 0x0B8A}, {0x0B8E, 0x0B90}, {0x0B92, 0x0B95},
    {0x0B99, 0x0B9A}, {0x0B9E, 0x0B9F}, {0x0BA3, 0x0BA4}, {0x0BA8, 0x0BAA},
    {0x0BAE, 0x0BB5}, {0x0BB7, 0x0BB9}, {0x0BE7, 0x0BF2}, {0x0C05, 0x0C0C},
    {0x0C0E, 0x0C10}, {0x0C12, 0x0C28}, {0x0C2A, 0x0C33}, {0x0C35, 0x0C39},
    {0x0C60, 0x0C61}, {0x0C66, 0x0C6F}, {0x0C85, 0x0C8C}, {0x0C8E, 0x0C90},
    {0x0C92, 0x0CA8}, {0x0CAA, 0x0CB3}, {0x0CB5, 0x0CB9}, {0x0CE0, 0x0CE1},
    {0x0CE6, 0x0CEF}, {0x0D05, 0x0D0C}, {0x0D0E, 0x0D10}, {0x0D12, 0x0D28},
    {0x0D2A, 0x0D39}, {0x0D60, 0x0D61}, {0x0D66, 0x0D6F}, {0x0E3F, 0x0E46},
    {0x0E4F, 0x0E5B}, {0x0E99, 0x0E9F}, {0x0EA1, 0x0EA3}, {0x0EAA, 0x0EAB},
    {0x0EAD, 0x0EB0}, {0x0EB2, 0x0EB3}, {0x0EC0, 0x0EC4}, {0x0ED0, 0x0ED9},
    {0x0EDC, 0x0EDD}, {0x0F00, 0x0F17}, {0x0F1A, 0x0F34}, {0x0F3A, 0x0F3D},
    {0x0F40, 0x0F47}, {0x0F49, 0x0F69}, {0x0F88, 0x0F8B}, {0x10A0, 0x10C5},
    {0x10D0, 0x10F6}, {0x1100, 0x1159}, {0x115F, 0x11A2}, {0x11A8, 0x11F9},
    {0x1E00, 0x1E9B}, {0x1EA0, 0x1EF9}, {0x1F00, 0x1F15}, {0x1F18, 0x1F1D},
    {0x1F20, 0x1F45}, {0x1F48, 0x1F4D}, {0x1F50, 0x1F57}, {0x1F5F, 0x1F7D},
    {0x1F80, 0x1FB4}, {0x1FB6, 0x1FC4}, {0x1FC6, 0x1FD3}, {0x1FD6, 0x1FDB},
    {0x1FDD, 0x1FEF}, {0x1FF2, 0x1FF4}, {0x1FF6, 0x1FFE}, {0x2000, 0x200B},
    {0x2010, 0x2027}, {0x2030, 0x2046}, {0x2074, 0x208E}, {0x20A0, 0x20AC},
    {0x2100, 0x2138}, {0x2153, 0x2182}, {0x2190, 0x21EA}, {0x2200, 0x22F1},
    {0x2302, 0x237A}, {0x2400, 0x2424}, {0x2440, 0x244A}, {0x2460, 0x24EA},
    {0x2500, 0x2595}, {0x25A0, 0x25EF}, {0x2600, 0x2613}, {0x261A, 0x266F},
    {0x2701, 0x2704}, {0x2706, 0x2709}, {0x270C, 0x2727}, {0x2729, 0x274B},
    {0x274F, 0x2752}, {0x2758, 0x275E}, {0x2761, 0x2767}, {0x2776, 0x2794},
    {0x2798, 0x27AF}, {0x27B1, 0x27BE}, {0x3000, 0x3029}, {0x3030, 0x3037},
    {0x3041, 0x3094}, {0x309B, 0x309E}, {0x30A1, 0x30FE}, {0x3105, 0x312C},
    {0x3131, 0x318E}, {0x3190, 0x319F}, {0x3200, 0x321C}, {0x3220, 0x3243},
    {0x3260, 0x327B}, {0x327F, 0x32B0}, {0x32C0, 0x32CB}, {0x32D0, 0x32FE},
    {0x3300, 0x3376}, {0x337B, 0x33DD}, {0x33E0, 0x33FE}, {0x4E00, 0x9FA5},
    {0xAC00, 0xD7A3}, {0xF900, 0xFA2D}, {0xFB00, 0xFB06}, {0xFB13, 0xFB17},
    {0xFB1F, 0xFB36}, {0xFB38, 0xFB3C}, {0xFB40, 0xFB41}, {0xFB43, 0xFB44},
    {0xFB46, 0xFBB1}, {0xFBD3, 0xFD3F}, {0xFD50, 0xFD8F}, {0xFD92, 0xFDC7},
    {0xFDF0, 0xFDFB}, {0xFE30, 0xFE44}, {0xFE49, 0xFE52}, {0xFE54, 0xFE66},
    {0xFE68, 0xFE6B}, {0xFE70, 0xFE72}, {0xFE76, 0xFEFC}, {0xFF01, 0xFF5E},
    {0xFF61, 0xFFBE}, {0xFFC2, 0xFFC7}, {0xFFCA, 0xFFCF}, {0xFFD2, 0xFFD7},
    {0xFFDA, 0xFFDC}, {0xFFE0, 0xFFE6}, {0xFFE8, 0xFFEE}, {0xFFFC, 0xFFFD}

#define NUM_PRINT_RANGE (sizeof(printRangeTable)/sizeof(crange))

static const chr printCharTable[] = {
    0x037A, 0x037E, 0x038C, 0x03DA, 0x03DC, 0x03DE, 0x03E0, 0x0589, 0x05BE,
    0x05C0, 0x05C3, 0x060C, 0x061B, 0x061F, 0x06E9, 0x093D, 0x0950, 0x09B2,
    0x0A5E, 0x0A8D, 0x0ABD, 0x0AD0, 0x0AE0, 0x0B3D, 0x0B9C, 0x0CDE, 0x0E01,
    0x0E32, 0x0E81, 0x0E84, 0x0E87, 0x0E8A, 0x0E8D, 0x0E94, 0x0EA5, 0x0EA7,
    0x0EBD, 0x0EC6, 0x0F36, 0x0F38, 0x0F85, 0x10FB, 0x1F59, 0x1F5B, 0x1F5D,
    0x2070, 0x2300, 0x274D, 0x2756, 0x303F, 0xFB3E, 0xFE74

#define NUM_PRINT_CHAR (sizeof(printCharTable)/sizeof(chr))

 *    End of auto-generated Unicode character ranges declarations.

#define     CH    NOCELT
 - element - map collating-element name to celt
 ^ static celt element(struct vars *, const chr *, const chr *);
static celt
    struct vars *v,           /* context */
    const chr *startp,        /* points to start of name */
    const chr *endp)          /* points just past end of name */
    const struct cname *cn;
    size_t len;
    Tcl_DString ds;
    const char *np;

     * Generic: one-chr names stand for themselves.

    assert(startp < endp);
    len = endp - startp;
    if (len == 1) {
      return *startp;


     * Search table.

    np = Tcl_UniCharToUtfDString(startp, (int)len, &ds);
    for (cn=cnames; cn->name!=NULL; cn++) {
      if (strlen(cn->name)==len && strncmp(cn->name, np, len)==0) {
          break;              /* NOTE BREAK OUT */
    if (cn->name != NULL) {
      return CHR(cn->code);

     * Couldn't find it.

    return 0;
 - range - supply cvec for a range, including legality check
 ^ static struct cvec *range(struct vars *, celt, celt, int);
static struct cvec *
    struct vars *v,           /* context */
    celt a,             /* range start */
    celt b,             /* range end, might equal a */
    int cases)                /* case-independent? */
    int nchrs;
    struct cvec *cv;
    celt c, lc, uc, tc;

    if (a != b && !before(a, b)) {
      return NULL;

    if (!cases) {       /* easy version */
      cv = getcvec(v, 0, 1);
      addrange(cv, a, b);
      return cv;

     * When case-independent, it's hard to decide when cvec ranges are usable,
     * so for now at least, we won't try. We allocate enough space for two
     * case variants plus a little extra for the two title case variants.

    nchrs = (b - a + 1)*2 + 4;

    cv = getcvec(v, nchrs, 0);

    for (c=a; c<=b; c++) {
      addchr(cv, c);
      lc = Tcl_UniCharToLower((chr)c);
      uc = Tcl_UniCharToUpper((chr)c);
      tc = Tcl_UniCharToTitle((chr)c);
      if (c != lc) {
          addchr(cv, lc);
      if (c != uc) {
          addchr(cv, uc);
      if (c != tc && tc != uc) {
          addchr(cv, tc);

    return cv;
 - before - is celt x before celt y, for purposes of range legality?
 ^ static int before(celt, celt);
static int              /* predicate */
    celt x, celt y)           /* collating elements */
    if (x < y) {
      return 1;
    return 0;
 - eclass - supply cvec for an equivalence class
 * Must include case counterparts on request.
 ^ static struct cvec *eclass(struct vars *, celt, int);
static struct cvec *
    struct vars *v,           /* context */
    celt c,             /* Collating element representing the
                         * equivalence class. */
    int cases)                /* all cases? */
    struct cvec *cv;

     * Crude fake equivalence class for testing.

    if ((v->cflags&REG_FAKE) && c == 'x') {
      cv = getcvec(v, 4, 0);
      addchr(cv, (chr)'x');
      addchr(cv, (chr)'y');
      if (cases) {
          addchr(cv, (chr)'X');
          addchr(cv, (chr)'Y');
      return cv;

     * Otherwise, none.

    if (cases) {
      return allcases(v, c);
    cv = getcvec(v, 1, 0);
    assert(cv != NULL);
    addchr(cv, (chr)c);
    return cv;
 - cclass - supply cvec for a character class
 * Must include case counterparts on request.
 ^ static struct cvec *cclass(struct vars *, const chr *, const chr *, int);
static struct cvec *
    struct vars *v,           /* context */
    const chr *startp,        /* where the name starts */
    const chr *endp,          /* just past the end of the name */
    int cases)                /* case-independent? */
    size_t len;
    struct cvec *cv = NULL;
    Tcl_DString ds;
    const char *np;
    const char **namePtr;
    int i, index;

     * The following arrays define the valid character class names.

    static const char *classNames[] = {
      "alnum", "alpha", "ascii", "blank", "cntrl", "digit", "graph",
      "lower", "print", "punct", "space", "upper", "xdigit", NULL

    enum classes {

     * Extract the class name

    len = endp - startp;
    np = Tcl_UniCharToUtfDString(startp, (int)len, &ds);

     * Remap lower and upper to alpha if the match is case insensitive.

    if (cases && len == 5 && (strncmp("lower", np, 5) == 0
          || strncmp("upper", np, 5) == 0)) {
      np = "alpha";

     * Map the name to the corresponding enumerated value.

    index = -1;
    for (namePtr=classNames,i=0 ; *namePtr!=NULL ; namePtr++,i++) {
      if ((strlen(*namePtr) == len) && (strncmp(*namePtr, np, len) == 0)) {
          index = i;
    if (index == -1) {
      return NULL;

     * Now compute the character class contents.

    switch((enum classes) index) {
    case CC_PRINT:
      cv = getcvec(v, NUM_PRINT_CHAR, NUM_PRINT_RANGE);
      if (cv) {
          for (i=0 ; (size_t)i<NUM_PRINT_CHAR ; i++) {
            addchr(cv, printCharTable[i]);
          for (i=0 ; (size_t)i<NUM_PRINT_RANGE ; i++) {
            addrange(cv, printRangeTable[i].start,
    case CC_ALNUM:
      if (cv) {
          for (i=0 ; (size_t)i<NUM_ALPHA_CHAR ; i++) {
            addchr(cv, alphaCharTable[i]);
          for (i=0 ; (size_t)i<NUM_ALPHA_RANGE ; i++) {
            addrange(cv, alphaRangeTable[i].start,
          for (i=0 ; (size_t)i<NUM_DIGIT_RANGE ; i++) {
            addrange(cv, digitRangeTable[i].start,
    case CC_ALPHA:
      cv = getcvec(v, NUM_ALPHA_CHAR, NUM_ALPHA_RANGE);
      if (cv) {
          for (i=0 ; (size_t)i<NUM_ALPHA_RANGE ; i++) {
            addrange(cv, alphaRangeTable[i].start,
          for (i=0 ; (size_t)i<NUM_ALPHA_CHAR ; i++) {
            addchr(cv, alphaCharTable[i]);
    case CC_ASCII:
      cv = getcvec(v, 0, 1);
      if (cv) {
          addrange(cv, 0, 0x7f);
    case CC_BLANK:
      cv = getcvec(v, 2, 0);
      addchr(cv, '\t');
      addchr(cv, ' ');
    case CC_CNTRL:
      cv = getcvec(v, 0, 2);
      addrange(cv, 0x0, 0x1f);
      addrange(cv, 0x7f, 0x9f);
    case CC_DIGIT:
      cv = getcvec(v, 0, NUM_DIGIT_RANGE);
      if (cv) {
          for (i=0 ; (size_t)i<NUM_DIGIT_RANGE ; i++) {
            addrange(cv, digitRangeTable[i].start,
    case CC_PUNCT:
      cv = getcvec(v, NUM_PUNCT_CHAR, NUM_PUNCT_RANGE);
      if (cv) {
          for (i=0 ; (size_t)i<NUM_PUNCT_RANGE ; i++) {
            addrange(cv, punctRangeTable[i].start,
          for (i=0 ; (size_t)i<NUM_PUNCT_CHAR ; i++) {
            addchr(cv, punctCharTable[i]);
    case CC_XDIGIT:
       * This is a 3 instead of (NUM_DIGIT_RANGE+2) because I've no idea how
       * to define the digits 'a' through 'f' in non-western locales. The
       * concept is quite possibly non portable, or only used in contextx
       * where the characters used would be the western ones anyway!
       * Whatever is actually the case, the number of ranges is fixed (until
       * someone comes up with a better arrangement!)

      cv = getcvec(v, 0, 3);
      if (cv) {
          addrange(cv, '0', '9');
          addrange(cv, 'a', 'f');
          addrange(cv, 'A', 'F');
    case CC_SPACE:
      cv = getcvec(v, NUM_SPACE_CHAR, NUM_SPACE_RANGE);
      if (cv) {
          for (i=0 ; (size_t)i<NUM_SPACE_RANGE ; i++) {
            addrange(cv, spaceRangeTable[i].start,
          for (i=0 ; (size_t)i<NUM_SPACE_CHAR ; i++) {
            addchr(cv, spaceCharTable[i]);
    case CC_LOWER:
      cv  = getcvec(v, NUM_LOWER_CHAR, NUM_LOWER_RANGE);
      if (cv) {
          for (i=0 ; (size_t)i<NUM_LOWER_RANGE ; i++) {
            addrange(cv, lowerRangeTable[i].start,
          for (i=0 ; (size_t)i<NUM_LOWER_CHAR ; i++) {
            addchr(cv, lowerCharTable[i]);
    case CC_UPPER:
      cv  = getcvec(v, NUM_UPPER_CHAR, NUM_UPPER_RANGE);
      if (cv) {
          for (i=0 ; (size_t)i<NUM_UPPER_RANGE ; i++) {
            addrange(cv, upperRangeTable[i].start,
          for (i=0 ; (size_t)i<NUM_UPPER_CHAR ; i++) {
            addchr(cv, upperCharTable[i]);
    case CC_GRAPH:
      cv  = getcvec(v, NUM_GRAPH_CHAR, NUM_GRAPH_RANGE);
      if (cv) {
          for (i=0 ; (size_t)i<NUM_GRAPH_RANGE ; i++) {
            addrange(cv, graphRangeTable[i].start,
          for (i=0 ; (size_t)i<NUM_GRAPH_CHAR ; i++) {
            addchr(cv, graphCharTable[i]);
    if (cv == NULL) {
    return cv;
 - allcases - supply cvec for all case counterparts of a chr (including itself)
 * This is a shortcut, preferably an efficient one, for simple characters;
 * messy cases are done via range().
 ^ static struct cvec *allcases(struct vars *, pchr);
static struct cvec *
    struct vars *v,           /* context */
    pchr pc)                  /* character to get case equivs of */
    struct cvec *cv;
    chr c = (chr)pc;
    chr lc, uc, tc;

    lc = Tcl_UniCharToLower((chr)c);
    uc = Tcl_UniCharToUpper((chr)c);
    tc = Tcl_UniCharToTitle((chr)c);

    if (tc != uc) {
      cv = getcvec(v, 3, 0);
      addchr(cv, tc);
    } else {
      cv = getcvec(v, 2, 0);
    addchr(cv, lc);
    if (lc != uc) {
      addchr(cv, uc);
    return cv;
 - cmp - chr-substring compare
 * Backrefs need this.  It should preferably be efficient.
 * Note that it does not need to report anything except equal/unequal.
 * Note also that the length is exact, and the comparison should not
 * stop at embedded NULs!
 ^ static int cmp(const chr *, const chr *, size_t);
static int              /* 0 for equal, nonzero for unequal */
    const chr *x, const chr *y,     /* strings to compare */
    size_t len)               /* exact length of comparison */
    return memcmp(VS(x), VS(y), len*sizeof(chr));
 - casecmp - case-independent chr-substring compare
 * REG_ICASE backrefs need this.  It should preferably be efficient.
 * Note that it does not need to report anything except equal/unequal.
 * Note also that the length is exact, and the comparison should not
 * stop at embedded NULs!
 ^ static int casecmp(const chr *, const chr *, size_t);
static int              /* 0 for equal, nonzero for unequal */
    const chr *x, const chr *y,     /* strings to compare */
    size_t len)               /* exact length of comparison */
    for (; len > 0; len--, x++, y++) {
      if ((*x!=*y) && (Tcl_UniCharToLower(*x) != Tcl_UniCharToLower(*y))) {
          return 1;
    return 0;
 * Local Variables:
 * mode: c
 * c-basic-offset: 4
 * fill-column: 78
 * End:

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